Plan B – original single version, There There My Dear. Favourite album Searching…Soul Rebels (yes, I know).
Paul Speare (Dexys) on his favourite Dexys songs
Have to be honest, I don’t think I’ve heard them! My head is more in jazz these days (I know!).
Paul Speare (Dexys) on World party, Wilco and the Jayhawks
I never saw them live, remember the songs as part of my teenage years though!
Sean Miller (Musician)
I’m not an expert on them, I have to get some Dexys stuff!
Fabrizio Fontanelli

I was a big fan of Dexys first album.

Peter Murphy (Journalist)
They’ve always left me cold I’m afraid.
Micky Billingham (Dexys) on U2
They (Dexys) are geniuses
The Wonderstuff
I’m not sure about Dexys.
Anthony Thisthletwaite (The Waterboys)

I love Dexys

Jack Vervoort (Fan)
Dexys I only heard a bit of.
Peter Miller (Musician)
I don’t think much of them.
Maureen Conklin
I love Dexys.
Dag Reinart Johansen